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Sports nutrtition

Get the most out of your run with sports nutrition

Do you need extra energy during your endurance training, do you like to replenish your carbonhydrates or do you recover your muscles after a training with a protein shake, then you're at the right place with the sports nutrition by Sportshop. You can choose from different kinds of sports nutrition by Doubdle, PowerBar and SIS, akll in multiple flavours. Tip! Do you like to train a few flavours, order a flavour mix. Nice to try yourself or give to someone that's training for a run.

Sport nutrition gels

A gel is a carbonhydrate syrup in high concentration which provides quick and easy carbonhydrates. Therefore, it's quite normal to see marathon runners taking these gels. We recommend gels for an endurance run of 45 to 90 minutes when you're about to hit low energy. Thanks to varied assortment with tens of flavours, there's a fitting gel availble for you too!

Recover your muscles after a run with a recovery drink

It's all in the name, a recovery drink is suited for muscle recovery after a run. It's smart to take the drink within 45 minutes, so you get essential nutritions for the muscle recovery. Combine this with protein-rich food and drink enough water, to give your muscles the best care.

Take your sports nutrition comfortably in a running hip bag or running backpack

Your running clothing is ready and your running shoes are prepared. Did you think of how to take your sports nutrition on your run? With our collection of running waistbelts and running backpacks, that's a worry of the past. You'll run a bit more comfortable and you'll have easy access to your gels or sports drink.