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Basketballs sale

Basketballs sale

At our website, basketballs are available in various shapes and sizes. There are three different shapes of basketballs for sale, being size 5 for children to 12 years, size 6 for women 12+ and size 7 for men 12+. The basketballs are from various established brands like Molten, Spalding and Nike and can be used for in-and outdoor. You can easily search your favorite ball with our filters on the left.

Indoor basketballs

The indoor basketballs are made of artificial leather or composite leather. These types of leather are very strong materials and ensure the best grip. Indoor balls come from various top brands like Spalding, Wilson and Molten. Are you looking for a cheap basketball for own use? You’re at the right place with us!

Outdoor basketballs

The difference between indoor and outdoor basketball isn’t very significant, however the outdoor basketball are made of harder materials like rubber or artificial leather. This is done to overcome harder surfaces. The basketballs are very durable, because they have a very long lifespan. Store the balls in a dry and not to cold spot to increase the lifespan. The FIBA named the Wilsons outdoor basketball as the official ball for 3x3 games. The balls have excellent grip and are used a lot by outdoor basketball players.